The Nauset Lantern Shop on HGTV's Houses With History

The Nauset Lantern Shop was on HGTV's hit show Houses With History.  The show first aired on April 22, 2023 (S1 ep5).  We were honored to be a featured part of Jen and Mike's incredible vision.  As proud as we are to be on the show, we are most proud that they acknowledged the fact that we are handmade from scratch on Cape Cod.  Jen and Mike know the importance of giving their customers a Cape Cod lantern from The Nauset Lantern Shop.  


We have dozens of styles to choose, each with a range of sizes.  In fact we have over 900 different combinations in which to choose!  Made in the USA.


Cape Cod Lantern Lanterns. Nauset Lantern is Cape Cod's premiere lighting manufacturer.  Houses with History lanterns.  Houses with History Lighting company.  Copper Lanterns made in the USA.  Made on Cape Cod.  Made in Orleans, MA

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